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Badass Nerd – Funny Message Wall Decor
Need a Geeky Gift for the brilliant nerd in your life? This original verse shows off the ever growing fondness and respect for the nerds who make our lives bett...
Courage Quote – Inspirational Wall Decor
This beautiful courage quote written by acclaimed author Mary Anne Radmacher portrays the real essence of Courage. It’s not jumping from cliffs but the daily ...
Creative Gift for a Friend
I’m so lucky to have a friend like you. What a great gift idea for friends! Let them know that they are someone who is important in your life in a unique way....
Do Not Meddle With Dragons
True in life, true at work…don’t mess with the dragons! This makes a funny office gift or just words of wisdom to share with a friend. Size: 8 X 10”
Frog In Your Underpants – Funny Housewarming Gift
A really funny twist on an old Irish saying that’s sure to bring a smile. Funny housewarming gift or fun gift for a friend. Whatever the use it’s sure to pl...
Funny Retirement Gift Idea
A funny retirement gift idea or for the senior in your life with a sense of humor. Aging has its challenges. Humor is the best way to approach it. Original vers...
George Washington Carver Quote – Wonderful Graduation Gift
This quote by George Washington Carver is a humble reminder of how to stay connected to your true self.   A great graduation gift or a wonderful message to sh...
Golf Humor – Funny Gift Idea for Golfer
If you’re a golfer you have to have a sense of humor to keep your head from exploding. This original golf humor quote make a great funny gift for the golfer i...
Good Friends Are Like Bras | Funny Wall Decor
A fresh definition of friendship that only another woman could relate to. A fresh funny gift for women idea. Size: 8 X 10”
I Know God – Gift Idea for a Friend
This is a really good gift for a friend who may be helped by the light hearted encouraging words of Mother Teresa. Sometimes life piles on more than we believe ...
In Wine There Is Wisdom – Funny Bar Sign
Truer words were never spoken! Add this funny bar sign to add wisdom to your bar. A great funny gift idea too! Size: 8 X 10”
Irish Blessing – Funny Gift Idea for a Friend
Share this funny Irish quote with a fellow Irishman…or woman! They’ll love it for years to come. Size: 8 X 10”
Personalized Hairstylist Gift – A Unique Gift Idea
What a fun way to show how much you appreciate the work your hairstylists does for you. A unique gift idea for a hairdresser guaranteed to bring a smile for a l...
Redundancy Department – Funny Office Gift
Use for a funny office gift or a funny retirement gift . Size: 8 X 10”
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