Koehler Companies manufactures decorative art plaques with messages to entertain, comfort and inspire.  For a visual of this product I would encourage you to look at our Product Line.  It will show you how we combine art and verse to make unique wall decor.

To create a successful verse one needs to consider that it should be something that one would want to look at potentially every day for a year or longer.  Unlike greeting card verse, which can be a very personal interaction, something on your wall can still touch one in a personal way but the message is on the wall for all to see so it works best when it can also interact with others

  • With the exception of Christmas, we do not offer seasonal message products.
  • Subject matter that has been successful for our customers include, but are not limited to: Family, Children, Teacher, Home, Mom, Dad, Sister, thought provoking or inspiring verse and of course, humor. (keep it clean though)
  • *** Negative or preachy never works for us.  By preachy I mean, for example, “to be happy you must first do this …”.  Verse with spiritual overtones can work but we do not work with religious based messages. Not that we don’t like it. It’s just not our market.
  • Verse that consoles the loss of a loved one, be it a human or a four legged loved one, has also been successful.  The important thing here is that the verse focuses on an upbeat/hopeful message, not one of sadness, loss or pain.
  • Humor is a strong category for us.  Humor is difficult to write for wall décor though.  Remember that this is going on the wall for all to see.  The best humor is always short and clever.
  • Many of our products incorporate personalization as well.  Our website will show examples of current personalized product.
  • The best message is one that can communicate an idea or emotion with the fewest words.  Our products have limited space so 2 to 5 lines maximum please.
  • Your writing does not have to come with artwork. We can handle that.

To submit your ideas please use this link to the contact us form where you can attach a file to your email by clicking on the “choose a file” button. It will automatically attach your document in any format to the email.


We use very little outside art but are happy to review your work. You can attach jpg’s of your work by clicking on “choose a file” in the Contact Us form.

Compensation:  We pay $60.00 for any selected writing or piece of art.  In return we require exclusive use of the writing or artwork for wall décor only. We encourage writers to continue submit their work to additional companies for other opportunities.

Thanks for your interest.  I look forward to reviewing your submissions soon!

Bob Koehler

Bob Koehler